I'm Bad At This

I'm bad at this. Maintaining a blog, that is. But here! Here are my excuses!

  • New computer! I finally replaced my old Dell laptop with a new MacBook Pro! I keep asking myself why I hadn't done this earlier!
  • A scratched cornea (that sucked).
  • A new camera. (Sony DSLR! Yipee!)
  • Schoolwork. Mountains and mountains of schoolwork! Only three more half-days of it, though!
  • The Rapture (ha!)
  • The release of Pirates of the Caribbean 4! 

But still, behold, my latest Shire-inspired multi-blend. See, I'm a huge Lord of the Rings dork, not quite as big as my Harry Potter obsession, but still pretty major. Enjoy, and I'll hopefully update soon before my trip to Europe this summer!

Generated image from Codename Cuttlefish

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