Inspiration Source - Edward Hopper

All pictures by Edward Hopper, aka One of My Favorite Artists

Gas, 1940

Compartment C, Car 293; 1938

Chop Suey, 1929

Sunday, 1926

Cape Cod Afternoon, 1936

Nighthawks, 1942

Office At Night, 1940

Inspiration Source - The King's Speech

Academy Award winner The King's Speech wasn't just a fantastic story (even though it truly was one of the best this year, if not in the past couple of years), but also a beautiful motion picture in a visual sense. Bringing life to the dreary, fog-filled scenes of London and Scotland, muted but albeit visually stimulating colors are used to set the scene for a royal lifestyle on the cusp of World War II.

Inspiration Source - Golden Leaves

[via Shandi-lee's photostream, Flickr]

Inspiration Source - The Landlord's Daughter (The Decemberists)

"As I was rambled
Down by the water
I spied in sable
The landlord's daughter

Produced my pistol, then my saber
To make no whistle or thou will be murdered

She cursed, she shivered
She cried for mercy,
'My gold and silver if thou will release me!'

I'll take no gold miss, I'll take no silver
I'll take those sweet lips, and I'll deliver"

~The Island:Come & See / The Landlord's Daughter / You'll Not Feel The Drowning by the Decemberists

[via Lori Greig's photostream, Flickr]

Inspiration Source - Effing Dykes

One of the inspirations for many of my palettes are pictures from the blog Effing Dykes, a hysterical blog about lesbian life. Every post has a plethora of pictures, many of them pictures of adorable gay ladies that offer great inspiration. Here of some of the more recent pictures that I've used for inspiration and the palettes that were born from them.